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    Teeth Whitening

    Teeth whitening is a popular cosmetic dental procedure and is gaining popularity as more people are walking into dental clinics to improve the look of their smile.

    causing staining:

    1. Intake of coloured foods
      or drinks such as coffee, tea, red wine etc as well as smoking.
    2. Infrequent removal of
      plaque from teeth that then settles to form hard deposits called calculus.
    3. Genetic make-up of teeth.
    4. Staining of teeth due to
      antibiotics or cracks in teeth that absorb stains.

    Tips to maintain white teeth:

    1. Brush regularly and visit
      dentist every 6 months.
    2. Avoid heavily staining
      foods and drinks.
    3. Avoid smoking.
    4. Frequently rinse mouth
      with water after having tea or coffee.

    Professional teeth whitening:

    Only a qualified dental professional
    can provide in-office teeth whitening to patients. At our clinic we use SDI
    Pola Office to ensure great results for our patients with minimal to no sensitivity.
    The total treatment will take less than 30
    minutes. Less chair time means increased patient comfort and satisfaction.

    We also offer a range of take home whitening options as

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