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Laser Tongue Tie Treatments

Tongue Tie can lead to problems with eating, speaking and swallowing. Tongue-tie can affect anyone at any age. However, it’s most commonly diagnosed in babies because their symptoms are the most obvious. There’s little evidence to suggest that tongue-tie affects behaviour or personality. It’s estimated that 2% to 11% of newborns have tongue-tie (ankyloglossia), but only a small proportion of them have symptoms that need treatment.

Our Procedure for Laser Tongue Tie

For some time now, we have been offering laser tongue tie procedures for babies and children. Many mothers are unaware that babies can have a tongue tie and what this can mean for their feeding. A tongue tie is where the frenulum of the tongue is attached too low, restricting the movement of the tongue. This can cause problems with breastfeeding such as sore nipples, bleeding, mastitis or low milk supply. It can also cause problems with speech in later life.

A laser tongue tie procedure is much quicker than other methods used to treat this problem and involves no scalpel of stitches. The frenulum is cut using a laser which will cauterise as it cuts, meaning there is very little bleeding and less pain afterwards. These procedures usually only take a few minutes but can make all the difference to you and your baby’s life.


As Per Stats

Tongue-tie is more common in boys than girls and occurs in about 4% of newborn babies. This condition affects the development of muscle control over the tongue’s movements which could affect their sucking abilities. The baby may have difficulty latching properly onto the nipple resulting in poor milk transfer and pain for the mother if her nipples are cracked or damaged as a result of this.

In most cases, a tongue-tie is not considered a problem unless it affects feeding or speech. It is normal for babies to exhibit a heart shaped tip to their tongue when they stick out their tongues at birth but if they are unable to extend their tongues beyond their lips or press their tongues against the palate (roof) of their mouths they may need a laser tongue tie.

Tongue-tie surgery is usually carried out to improve someone’s ability to feed. It can also help with speech problems caused by tongue-tie. Tongue-tie surgery is most commonly carried out on babies and young children, but it can be done at any age.

The advantages of having a laser tongue tie treatment:

If the client just has a slight case of frenectomy, there may be little advantage to having the procedure done. Other situations include those in which the patient may adjust to the condition and continue to function without the need for surgery or other intervention.

  • Speech problems may be caused by a constricted frenum, which is particularly true for sounds that require the elevation of the tongue.
  • Another issue that might arise is the managing of saliva when eating and speaking.
  • When someone has a bad case of gingivitis, their tongue may scrape against the lower central incisors and get constricted between the teeth.
  • To compensate for the shortage of tongue space, the amount of forward or lateral movement may be increased.
  • Those who have difficulty communicating may also face an increase in dental issues as a result of the tongue’s inability to effectively sweep the teeth and remove food particles from the teeth. Aside from that, trouble licking one’s lips is another issue that might arise.
  • Because of the challenges related with their tongue movement, speaking, and food limitations, children might experience a loss of confidence as they feel out of place in the world.
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