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    Wisdom Teeth
    Wisdom teeth are often removed due to their positioning, pathology or due to damage to the adjacent teeth as well as to gain space in some orthodontic cases. Our skilled dentists are able to remove wisdom teeth in Liverpool under local aesthetics. However, we also offer Intravenous sedation and nitrous oxide for the comfort of our patients as we understand that like any surgical procedure wisdom teeth removals can be pretty daunting. Signs that you might need wisdom teeth removed:
    • Recurring discomfort and inflammation towards the back of your mouth
    • Recurring infections in back teeth
    • Jaw pain
    • Bouts of bad breath
    • Bleeding along back teeth
    • Increased sensitivity along back teeth
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    What Happens During Your Wisdom Teeth Removal?
    When wisdom teeth are extracted, it can cause complications such as infection, nerve damage and pain. Therefore, it is important to visit a reliable dentist for extraction as soon as possible to prevent these complications. Thankfully, when you visit Dentists and Dentures in Liverpool, you can rest assured that your wisdom teeth will be extracted professionally and it will leave you with a better quality of life If you need further information about our dental procedures, call us directly.
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